Top 2018 Christmas Gift Picks

Hi Everyone!! So since the holidays are coming up soon, today I am going to be writing about My Top Christmas/Holiday Gift Picks for the 2018 season. I am sure everybody goes through the “I have no idea what to get” phase, so hopefully this helps. I have included Ladies and Men and also some favorite stocking stuffers 🙂

Top 5 for Ladies

  1. Lululemon “The Align Pant”- These are the most comfortable leggings you will ever wear. They are 110% worth the price.

2. Quay Australia Sunnies- These sunglasses are so cute. They are one of my new favorite brands and of course one of my very favorite stores, Red Dress Boutique carries a whole bunch of them. Be sure to check out their website 🙂


3. Raw and Rebellious Jewelry- This is a super cute company that is becoming really popular. All of their necklaces are so unique and perfect for any occasion.

4. Bombay Gold Curling Wand- I personally use the Bombay Gold Curling Wand and I live by this. It is the best. It takes me about 20 minutes tops to curl my hair and it is very versatile when it comes to what kind of curls you want.

32mm Gold Curling Wand

5. Naked Cherry Palette- This is Urban Decay’s newest Naked palette and all of the colors look literally gorgeous!google!PrestCos_UrbanDecay&CAWELAID=330000200001539777&CATRK=SPFID-1&CAAGID=58372090263&CATCI=kwd-519380824519&CAPCID=301693626697&CADevice=c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg87Z1oX23gIV1eDICh1jlw3QEAAYASAAEgKx8PD_BwE

Top 5 for Men

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Sneakers- These are generally a great pair of sneakers, especially for guys who are athletic or like to run. They also serve as a great lifestyle sneaker as well so they are quite versatile. I got them for Gus, he already knows lol.

2. Automatic Blender Bottle- For any guys out there that like to drink protein shakes or any kind of blended drinks, this is perfect. It is battery operated and you just put all of the fixings in the bottle and go. When you are ready, you blend and it is ready to go wherever you are.

BlendJet One

3. UGG slippers- What guy wouldn’t want a comfy pair of slippers? These are probably as comfy as it gets.

4. Xbox/Playstation Remote- I’m sure many of the guys out there are Xbox dudes, so this is always a staple gift.

5. North Face Quarter Zip- These North Face Quarter zips are awesome. They are great for either cool or cold weather and can be worn in so many different ways. They are currently on sale on Dick’s Sporting Goods website, so check it out fast.

2 Unisex

1. Apple Watch- If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that I have talked about my Apple Watch and how much I love it. so this is definitely a great one.

2. Apple AirPods- The AirPods are like the next best thing when it comes to wireless headphones and everyone is talking about them, so they are sure to be a hit this year.

Top 5 Ladies Stocking Stuffers

1. Pop Socket

2. Beauty Blenders

3. Invisibobble Hair Ties

4. New Mug

5. Binge Watching Beauty Kit by Pottery Barn

Top 5 Men’s Stocking Stuffers

1. Pop Sockets

2. Expandable Back Scratcher

3. Sneaker Balls

4. Apple Watch Band

5. Shoot and Eat Sports Bowl

Thanks for reading and hope you guys enjoyed this post. I will have a few more posts that have to do with Christmas for the weeks to come so stay posted because I am super excited about them. 🙂


My Favorite Stores

Hi Everyone!

First of all, I am so sorry I have not been able to post within the past month or so, I have literally been sooo busy with work over the month of October (there were 16 weddings just within the month…16!!). But things are getting slower, so I am back and really going to be working on developing my blog in my slow work months, so I am really excited! Today, I am going to be talking about some of my favorite stores, both online and offline.

  • Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom is definitely one of my favorite stores. They have so so much to choose from and the cutest clothes. The thing about Nordstrom is that they carry so many brands that you can basically find anything that you are looking for. They literally carry everything from high-end designers to Nike and Under Armour if you need athletic wear. One thing that you should know about me is that I love to shop in the stores, but I definitely prefer online ordering. Nordstrom has such a big selection online and I love that about them. Nordstrom Rack is amazing too. I usually prefer to go to the store with Nordstrom Rack though. They have so many great finds and the thing about there is that they have so many really nice high-end designers for amazing prices. You are bound to get a great deal there.

  • Red Dress Boutique

Red Dress is definitely my second favorite. They are an online boutique and they have so many cute clothes and sales all of the time. All of their stuff is SO cute and SO affordable. Everything is such great quality too. I literally can find anything on this site, they have the cutest stuff and the shoes are super nice as well and also very affordable.

  • Lulus

Lulu’s is also amazing. I have been shopping from Lulu’s for years. They have such a large collection and they are also all online. They not only have a great selection of clothes and shoes, but their accessories are so awesome. Especially in the winter time, they have the cutest scarves and hats. The other thing that I love about Lulu’s is that they have an amazing selection of evening wear and cocktail dresses. I used to get all of my Homecoming and special event dresses from here when I was in High School and now whenever I have somewhere fancy to go, I will almost always use Lulu’s.

  • Free People

Free People I absolutely love because of how unique all of their clothes are. They are definitely a little more on the pricey side, but their clothes are so unique, and I literally love them. Although they are pricey, you can find their clothes in just about any department store at a discounted price. I literally got a pair of their pants in T.J. Maxx a few weeks ago for $25 which was such a steal.

  • J.Maxx

T.J. Maxx is just the best and I am sure everyone knows why. They have a great selection of so many different cute clothes and a lot of times nice designers too. You can literally find anything there and even their décor and houseware selections are great. I could literally walk out of that store with just about anything. And let’s not even get started on Home Goods lol.

  • These Three Boutique

These Three Boutique, previously known as Thirty One Boutique is another one of my absolute favs. You should definitely check out their site because they have just about the cutest boutique clothing ever. I have been following them for quite some time now and they are getting more and more popular and expanding a lot which I LOVE because I love the clothes that they carry. They are also definitely affordable as well and they have the cutest selection of just about everything.

  • Vici Collection

Vici Collection is an online boutique as well and I really like them too. I feel like it’s usually either hit or miss with them though, at least for me. I have some really cute things from there and then sometimes they will go for a little while and I am just not really appealed to anything. They are also either hit or miss with cost as well, sometimes I feel like oh wow that’s a total deal and then other things I think are too expensive for the product. But, overall it’s definitely a cute site and somewhere that I visit often.

  • Abercrombie

Abercrombie is denim central for me. I have honestly tried like just about everywhere with denim and nothing fits me the way Abercrombie does. I have gotten my denim here for years and they will definitely always be my go-to. Some of my denim is from other places like flare jeans and any kind of printed jeans that I have as well, but my standard “skinny” jeans are all from here. And, sometimes if you look they do have some cute stuff as well.

Okay guys so that was just a little taste of some of my favorite stores and I hope y’all liked it! I am definitely going to be posting more from here on out so be sure to keep up keep following!!


Hey again! So this post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point because the point is simple…that this app is the BEST!

Okay so how many of you have seen photos of super cute outfits (on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and you’ve tried to search for what the model is wearing and can never figure it out? Because that has happened to me so many times. is an app where you can actually shop based off of screenshots and pictures. Basically you download the app, create an account, and then anytime you see a photo with the symbol posted on the photo you can take a screenshot and it will appear in the app with a drop down list of everything the model is wearing.


∧∧ This is the symbol that will be posted on the photos so just look for this. Sometimes it is also in like light gray too.

Also, if you happen to come across an influencer for the app and want to shop from their photo, all you have to do is like the photo and they will send a shopping link straight to your inbox. I know right, it’s like the best thing ever invented but yet the worst because I have to avoid going broke lol. I have had an account for a decent amount of time now so I actually have a bunch of influencers that I follow on the app and on their Instagram accounts and it is so fun to go on and view their outfits that they post. I would highly recommend this app because there are so many fashion models that go through this app so most of the time when you see a picture of a cute outfit, they are influencers for this app which means that you’ll be able to find the outfit or piece of clothing that you like in the photo. I definitely would recommend taking some time to check this app out because it is great.

All you have to do is type LIKEtoKNOW,it into the search bar in the app store and the app photo looks like this.


I also have simple direction photos posted for you guys to take a look at as well. Hope you enjoyed this one and let me know what you think of the app!




Fall Trends 2018

Hey everyone! So, life got a little ahead of me last week unfortunately and I didn’t get a chance to post (I’m sorry!). Instead, I am going to do all of those posts that I was supposed to do last week this week instead, starting off with Fall Trends 2018. I wanted to give you guys some info on what seems to be trending for the fall because it is always so exciting to see new trends come out each season. Fall 2018 seems to me very pattern oriented and a splash of flashy and I think I’m loving most of them. Check it out!  

1. Tan and Burnt / Rust Orange

Both Tan and Burnt Orange seem to be trending everywhere this season. I personally love both of these colors so this one is a thumbs up for me. Since this is trending, you can basically find things in these colors anywhere, but my favorite is this caramely tan top from Red Dress Boutique. Also, this adorable pair of dark burnt orange booties also from Red Dress Boutique.


Time Won’t Stop Rust Ankle Booties


2. Leopard Print

Leopard Print is totally in right now. You can just about find anything you are looking for in Leopard this fall. Shirts, pants, belts, hats, etc. It seems thought that leopard print mules and shoes are very much a thing though. I have always secretly liked leopard print even back when it was a total no-go, so I am actually kind of happy about this one lol. Banana Repulic has a cute, tasteful, skinny belt that is cute and also Red Dress Boutique has a pair of Leopard Print Peep Toe Slide Heels.


3. Tortoise Shell Patterned Jewelry

So, this is one that I didn’t think I would care for at first bur eventually it grew on me. This one is pretty simple and a majority of the trend is earrings. I actually got my pair on Amazon for about $14 and love them.

4. Hair Scarves

Hair Scarves are another trend that I LOVE. I think they are so cute and can add such a pop factor to even the most casual outfit. I actually am obsessed I think I have like 4 now lol. But, when I was in California they had a Free People store there and they had a huge selection of them. They are pretty much all over but I like Free People’s best and they have so many that I just attached their general hair accessories page. Also, Lulu’s has some cute ones.


5. Color Blocking

I also really enjoy Color Blocking as well. Color Blocking is basically multiple solid, bold colors mixed into the article of clothing. It is really popular to use with sweaters and cardigans. Instead of stripes, I think it is unqiue- it adds some more dimension and pops. Lots of places have them but these are two of my favorites.



6. Plaid

Okay, sooo plaid. I am impartial to plaid. Personally, I really don’t care for it and I don’t think it flatters me very much. Well, let me specify, not flannel plaid, plaid like Clueless plaid. Although, there are lots of people that love it. It goes either way. Since I don’t really care for it, I don’t usually pay attention to it but I do know that every time I go into a store I’ve seen it, so for those of you that like plaid you can find it just about anywhere.

7. Flare Jeans / Bell Bottoms

I remember the days when Bell Bottoms were such a taboo thing like if you wore anything wider than a skinny jean, it was over lol. But now, Bell Bottoms are coming back and I really like it because its such a different look than wearing skinny jeans all of the time. I have such a hard time finding them honestly because I am 5’0 and I always have to get them hemmed so mine are from American Eagle since I could get them in a “short” cut. But, for anyone normal sized you can find them everywhere. I personally like the ones on Red Dress Boutique’s website, they have lots of cute options.


Okay, so that is all for this post. Next, I will probably be posting on Friday but it is going to be about one of my absolute FAV apps called This app is awesome, I promise you will want to read this one so don’t miss it!


Fall Essentials

Hey Everyone!

Since it is quite a gloomy Saturday morning, I figured I would put up my second post for the week. Everyone needs those few things that are essential to your closet, and even your life. So, today I am posting about Fall Season Essentials. Next week, I am going to be doing a Fall 2018 Trends post, which will kind of tie into this post so be sure to be on the lookout for that one 🙂

Okay so there are those things, (especially during the fall) that you just need in your life. First, we have the perfect sweater. Some people like full sweaters (I am one of them) and others prefer cardigans, but both are kinda essential to have during the fall. Especially if you have a cute tank or short sleeve but it is too cold out, you have to have that perfect cardigan that can go with any outfit.

Personally, I am a fan of longer cardigans because I just think opposed to a regular length cardigan it gives your outfit some dimension and spices it up a bit. Lulus (which you will see this company on here a lot, I love them) has a really, simple long cardigan that is so cozy (I actually just ordered it in grey) and they are solid colors to go with anything.


If you want another cute suggestion, I actually just preordered this one from VICI Collection (who is another one of my absolute favorite stores) and it should be here this week but I thought it was so cute and perfect for fall because of the coloring.

PREORDER – Caffe Mocha Colorblock Cardigan


Second, you have to have a cute jacket. As for me, I love suede in the fall so a cute suede jacket is my go-to. But, whether it is denim, leather, suede, whatever you like best, a jacket is a must. My favorite one (actually 2) that I have currently are from Abercrombie and Fitch, they aren’t on the site because I got it last year so it is sold out, but here is their website for their jacket options this fall. I have to say, they have yet to disappoint me as far as cuteness and quality. Plus, they have outerwear sales all of the time.

Lulus does have a cute selection as well so here is their link.

Okay next on the list is a bralette. Personally, bralettes are one of the cutest ways to spice up an outfit and (much more comfortable than a regular bra). To me, the BEST would have to be the Free People One Adella Brallete. I think it is by far the cutest one I have found and most comfortable. It also looks really nice underneath clothes because sometimes bralettes that are too thick show through and it just doesn’t look right but this one doesn’t do that. I know it is a little more on the expensive side but trust me when I say it is worth it. I just got the mocha for fall and it is adorable.


Next, is a cute pair of slide on mules, flats, or loafers. You will see this again in my Fall Trends 2018 post next week, but loafers are really in style right now. So, here is one of the cutest and cheapest options.


Lastly in the clothes category is a skirt. You’ve already seen this one before so I’ll keep it short but I can’t turn away from this skirt. It is the Free People Modern Femme Denim Mini. If you look through their site, they also have it in leather, suede, cord, and patterns.

Okay so as far as other fall necessities, a cute lip color is definitely necessary. I live by these lipsticks and have them in like 8 different colors, but my favorite fall colors are Front Row and Vibin.

Next, accessories. My favorite fall accessory is a really good, cute felt hat.


And finally, it wouldn’t be fall without a warm drink, but with that you need a mug right?


Oh, and as far as my favorite fall drink, Starbucks PSL hands down, but sometimes that can be too overpowering for me because it literally tastes like a dessert, so if you get a regular latte with half caramel and half pumpkin it is just as good, half the calories, and not as heavy as a regular PSL.

Well that is all for todays post, be sure to comment or like if you enjoyed reading it. Next week I will be posting three times, the first post under the Fashion tab and it will be Fall Trends 2018, the second will be under the Lifestyle tab about the app, and the third will be under the beauty tab about Fall Makeup Looks. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend 🙂


Favorite Summer / Vacation Looks

Since Summer is coming to an end (sad face), I figured it would be appropriate to post about my summer vacation and favorite outfits. This year I got two vacations out of the summer which is a super cool thing. I just got back from California this week. I was visiting my Aunt and doing some tours with friends of hers that are event planners (which is what I want to do by the way). They basically let me shadow them and taught me about the business which was awesome except for the fact that I didn’t really get many cute outfits out of it since I was in work clothes most of the time. BUT, my other vacation was with my family, Gus, and I and we went on a cruise which was absolutely amazing. We went to the Bahamas, Mexico, and Honduras and it was the best we all had so much fun. Which by the way, if anyone is looking to cruise, we took Royal Caribbean and it was fabulous so just to keep in mind :). But getting back to the point, I wanna share some of my favorite outfits/pieces with y’all. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as many pictures of the outfits as I would have liked, but there will be links to them with descriptions instead.

This one was definitely one of my favorites. It is a matching set (which I love) because if you just want to wear the skirt, you can, or if you just want to wear the shirt, you can. It is super comfy but yet super cute and really versatile. Unfortunately since the season is coming to an end, the shirt is no longer in stock but they do have the skirt which is actually on sale right now.


This outfit was also one of my favorites, definitely a more casual style. This skirt is Free People, and it’s super nice because you can really play with it and create many different styles with it. I liked this outfit though for vacation because it has a really beachy feel to it. The shirt is awesome too, I have made so many different outfits out of it, but it is definitely a summer piece and not really something you can get away with in the fall/spring. Both pieces are still in stock but going fast. The shirt is also on sale.




So, this skirt. I am actually obsessed with this skirt for a few different reasons. You will probably be seeing this particular style skirt a lot because I love it so much. Sometimes I don’t care for skirts because they are not always the most comfortable pieces of clothing. But I have to say, this is the most comfortable skirt you will ever put on I promise you. It is great, so cute, and so versatile. You can literally wear this with a cute dressy shirt and go out to dinner or you can put it with a t-shirt to go run errands. The brand is Free People and it is always in stock because it is so popular LOL. Certain colors may vary season to season but basic colors are usually always in stock and you can find it pretty much anywhere that carries Free People.


I am obsessed with swimwear once summer comes around. I love buying bathing suits because I basically live in them in the summer time. This was one of my favorites this season. It is so cute and also great for any water activities (ladies you know what I’m talking about) because it is super secure and comfortable. The designer is Becca Swimwear and it is actually still in stock.




These are another one of my favorite summer sandals, and I felt like  they were super appropriate for the vacation that we were on. They are really different and that is part of the reason I liked them. I originally got them from Alicia D’Michelle, which is a boutique about 20 minutes away from me (south jersey ladies, it is at The Promenade in Marlton if you haven’t been there before) but since they don’t have a website where you can buy their clothes, I figured nobody would know where to get them. But after a bit of research apparently Walmart carries the exact same ones, so here they are.


That is all for this weeks post but next week you can expect two posts from me. One will be in the Lifestyle section of my blog page on Back to School Essentials and the other will be in the Fashion section of the blog page on Fall Clothing Essentials. See y’all next week 🙂


Why, “Simply Glamorous?”

For as long as I can remember, shopping, finding new clothes and accessories, and putting together new outfits has been my favorite pastime activity. On my days off and times where I find myself bored, I love to try to experiment with my closet. For so long, I felt like it was hard to consistently come up with new ideas, new style choices, and create a unique feel to my outfits. It wasn’t until I started trying new stores (especially online), styling more elaborately, and going “out of the box” that I realized how easy it was to look unique and yet not work too hard for the perfect outfit. Quickly I realized that if I wanted to have a style unique to me, I had to jump out of my comfort zone. There are so many ways to make an outfit look effortless but yet still unique. Sometimes the littlest nuonces can make a whole entire outfit stand out. For example, the perfect pair of statement earrings can make the most comfortable outfit, like jeans and a t-shirt, look so much different. That is what inspired me to start this blog and it is why I chose the name Simply Glamorous, because the smallest things can make any outfit stand out in the right way. I will try to be posting at least 2 times a week with a variety of different topics, mainly in fashion but also the other areas that I have listed on the home page of my site. If you follow my Instagram, I will be keeping updates running through my story on new posts and links. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂