Back to School Essentials

Hi Everyone! So for some of us (college kids like me) Back to School was a couple of weeks ago, others just started yesterday, some starting today, or even if your just getting back to a normal routine, I wanted to post about some essentials that have helped me get back into the swing of things and ready for the new school / work year. For me, school started last week since I go at locally, but since I work as a wedding assistant it is also going into the busy season because everyone loves to get married in the fall. So basically life is hitting full force right now lol, but with the help of some super small essentials, it makes everything easier.

First off, where would we be without a good planner? I mean, I can only speak for myself, so I would not be doing too hot. But, if any of you agree with me then this may help you. I am super picky when it comes to finding a good planner because I like to have a lot of space to write and space to write for each day so finding a good planner is sometimes complicated. To be honest, I actually found my current planner in T.J. Maxx. Although, I have done my research and depending on your budget these are three of the best ones out there.

Okay, sorry to be so broad here but honestly Target has some really nice planners for a pretty cheap price. So if you just click on this link, it brings you to there website with all of the planners that they offer. Picking the right planner is always up to the person thats buying it and different ones may be appealing to different people. So, here is the link to everything they’ve got.

As far as a planner that it a little more expensive, but is REALLY nice and helpful would be the Lilly Pulitzer planners. I feel like everyone raved about these planners for such a long time and I always wanted to figure out what the hype was all about. Sure enough, everyone was right because these planners are awesome. They also have a lot of space for notes in the back as well which is nice. I currently have the pocket sized version for my purse because I like to have two (sorry I am crazy).

Okay, so I have never actually tried this planner but I have heard of this brand and I figured maybe I would try it out when its time for me to get a new planner. It is called Erin Condren and the thing that makes these different is that they are completely customizable so you can put anything you want inside to fit your needs and what you look for in a planner. If anyone needs a new planner and wants to try this one out, let me know what you think of it because I would love to know! 

Next, writing utensils are a must and especially when they keep you nice and organized. So, my go to are these Gelocity colored pens by BIC. As cheesy as it sounds, I love using these pens because it keeps me nice and organized. I actually have a color coding system going on in my planner with these pens and it helps me out a ton.

Next, everyone needs a cute tote to carry all of your things around. So depending on your price range, here are a few options. 

These are totes from a super cute website called Marley Lilly. Marley Lilly is a website that specializes in monograms so you can basically get anything you want and they put your monogram on it which is adorable. They have so many different varieties of totes/bags, so choose whichever is right for you. 

This one is a bit more expensive but I still love it. Tory Burch has the cutest totes ever, so this one is one that is a little bit more durable. Also, if you like the “mini” version, it is on sale right now on their website.

Okay, so with getting back to school and work and the gym also comes getting back to germs. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers are a must for me, I keep them in every one of my bags. They are the best because not only are they a convenient size, they also come in practically every scent and smell amazing. 

So now we are getting to the good stuff…if you drink a lot of water or even if you don’t drink a lot of water but need a good, durable water bottle, get a S’well bottle. They are on the more expensive side when it comes to water bottles but trust me you will not be disappointed. I have taken mine to the beach on days that were literally 100 degrees and my water has stayed ice cold in the bottle, its honestly amazing. And, if you’re a coffee drinker, S’well also sells tumblers and coffee bottles to keep your drinks hot as well. I have the marble one and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Okay, I know this is a little long but I just have two more things left. For some of us, getting back to school and work and getting back into a regular routine also means getting back to a good workout regimen and diet. I personally love kick boxing and running. I am currently training for a Spartan race in October which will be super fun. Plus, I’m kind of ready to get my ass kicked after spending the summer sitting on it. Anyways, as much as I love kick boxing and running sometimes it is hard to get to class or get outside because I am busy or the weather is bad. So, I found SWORKIT. SWORKIT is an app with pre-set workouts that you can accomplish right from your house. It also allows you to customize your own workouts based on what they offer through the app. I have come to find that it has been super helpful, especially on the days where I can’t find the time to get out to workout. Here is the link that attaches to the website, but if you have a smartphone download the mobile app instead.

LASTLY (sorry I know this one was long), one of the BEST investments I have made, even though some may not agree, is my Apple Watch. I actually love this thing I swear to you. There are so many features that it offers that have really helped me throughout my day. First, just the fact of wearing a watch so I don’t have to locate my phone if I want to see the time, plain and simple. Second, the fact that my text messages come through right to  the watch is a perfect feature. When I am in class and I can’t really text that much, it is nice to at least be able to see my texts. Also, when I am at work and I am at a job/wedding and my phone is put away, I can still see any notifications that come through on my phone which is great because some nights I will be without my phone for like 10 hours at a time. Lastly, I am able to track my workouts so much easier through the watch. It has a GPS in it as well so you don’t have to take your phone around with you which to me is amazing because I actually hate carrying my phone when I am trying to run. Music? It connects to Bluetooth headphones so you can also still listen to your music while you workout. It tracks all of your progress, how far you’ve gone, how long, how may calories you’ve burned, and I think it is great. If you have maybe thought about getting one and have been skeptical about it, I can assure you they are great and I definitely love mine.


Favorite Summer / Vacation Looks

Since Summer is coming to an end (sad face), I figured it would be appropriate to post about my summer vacation and favorite outfits. This year I got two vacations out of the summer which is a super cool thing. I just got back from California this week. I was visiting my Aunt and doing some tours with friends of hers that are event planners (which is what I want to do by the way). They basically let me shadow them and taught me about the business which was awesome except for the fact that I didn’t really get many cute outfits out of it since I was in work clothes most of the time. BUT, my other vacation was with my family, Gus, and I and we went on a cruise which was absolutely amazing. We went to the Bahamas, Mexico, and Honduras and it was the best we all had so much fun. Which by the way, if anyone is looking to cruise, we took Royal Caribbean and it was fabulous so just to keep in mind :). But getting back to the point, I wanna share some of my favorite outfits/pieces with y’all. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as many pictures of the outfits as I would have liked, but there will be links to them with descriptions instead.

This one was definitely one of my favorites. It is a matching set (which I love) because if you just want to wear the skirt, you can, or if you just want to wear the shirt, you can. It is super comfy but yet super cute and really versatile. Unfortunately since the season is coming to an end, the shirt is no longer in stock but they do have the skirt which is actually on sale right now.


This outfit was also one of my favorites, definitely a more casual style. This skirt is Free People, and it’s super nice because you can really play with it and create many different styles with it. I liked this outfit though for vacation because it has a really beachy feel to it. The shirt is awesome too, I have made so many different outfits out of it, but it is definitely a summer piece and not really something you can get away with in the fall/spring. Both pieces are still in stock but going fast. The shirt is also on sale.




So, this skirt. I am actually obsessed with this skirt for a few different reasons. You will probably be seeing this particular style skirt a lot because I love it so much. Sometimes I don’t care for skirts because they are not always the most comfortable pieces of clothing. But I have to say, this is the most comfortable skirt you will ever put on I promise you. It is great, so cute, and so versatile. You can literally wear this with a cute dressy shirt and go out to dinner or you can put it with a t-shirt to go run errands. The brand is Free People and it is always in stock because it is so popular LOL. Certain colors may vary season to season but basic colors are usually always in stock and you can find it pretty much anywhere that carries Free People.


I am obsessed with swimwear once summer comes around. I love buying bathing suits because I basically live in them in the summer time. This was one of my favorites this season. It is so cute and also great for any water activities (ladies you know what I’m talking about) because it is super secure and comfortable. The designer is Becca Swimwear and it is actually still in stock.





These are another one of my favorite summer sandals, and I felt like  they were super appropriate for the vacation that we were on. They are really different and that is part of the reason I liked them. I originally got them from Alicia D’Michelle, which is a boutique about 20 minutes away from me (south jersey ladies, it is at The Promenade in Marlton if you haven’t been there before) but since they don’t have a website where you can buy their clothes, I figured nobody would know where to get them. But after a bit of research apparently Walmart carries the exact same ones, so here they are.


That is all for this weeks post but next week you can expect two posts from me. One will be in the Lifestyle section of my blog page on Back to School Essentials and the other will be in the Fashion section of the blog page on Fall Clothing Essentials. See y’all next week 🙂