My Favorite Stores

Hi Everyone!


First of all, I am so sorry I have not been able to post within the past month or so, I have literally been sooo busy with work over the month of October (there were 16 weddings just within the month…16!!). But things are getting slower, so I am back and really going to be working on developing my blog in my slow work months, so I am really excited! Today, I am going to be talking about some of my favorite stores, both online and offline.


  • Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom is definitely one of my favorite stores. They have so so much to choose from and the cutest clothes. The thing about Nordstrom is that they carry so many brands that you can basically find anything that you are looking for. They literally carry everything from high-end designers to Nike and Under Armour if you need athletic wear. One thing that you should know about me is that I love to shop in the stores, but I definitely prefer online ordering. Nordstrom has such a big selection online and I love that about them. Nordstrom Rack is amazing too. I usually prefer to go to the store with Nordstrom Rack though. They have so many great finds and the thing about there is that they have so many really nice high-end designers for amazing prices. You are bound to get a great deal there.


  • Red Dress Boutique

Red Dress is definitely my second favorite. They are an online boutique and they have so many cute clothes and sales all of the time. All of their stuff is SO cute and SO affordable. Everything is such great quality too. I literally can find anything on this site, they have the cutest stuff and the shoes are super nice as well and also very affordable.


  • Lulus

Lulu’s is also amazing. I have been shopping from Lulu’s for years. They have such a large collection and they are also all online. They not only have a great selection of clothes and shoes, but their accessories are so awesome. Especially in the winter time, they have the cutest scarves and hats. The other thing that I love about Lulu’s is that they have an amazing selection of evening wear and cocktail dresses. I used to get all of my Homecoming and special event dresses from here when I was in High School and now whenever I have somewhere fancy to go, I will almost always use Lulu’s.


  • Free People

Free People I absolutely love because of how unique all of their clothes are. They are definitely a little more on the pricey side, but their clothes are so unique, and I literally love them. Although they are pricey, you can find their clothes in just about any department store at a discounted price. I literally got a pair of their pants in T.J. Maxx a few weeks ago for $25 which was such a steal.


  • J.Maxx

T.J. Maxx is just the best and I am sure everyone knows why. They have a great selection of so many different cute clothes and a lot of times nice designers too. You can literally find anything there and even their décor and houseware selections are great. I could literally walk out of that store with just about anything. And let’s not even get started on Home Goods lol.


  • These Three Boutique

These Three Boutique, previously known as Thirty One Boutique is another one of my absolute favs. You should definitely check out their site because they have just about the cutest boutique clothing ever. I have been following them for quite some time now and they are getting more and more popular and expanding a lot which I LOVE because I love the clothes that they carry. They are also definitely affordable as well and they have the cutest selection of just about everything.


  • Vici Collection

Vici Collection is an online boutique as well and I really like them too. I feel like it’s usually either hit or miss with them though, at least for me. I have some really cute things from there and then sometimes they will go for a little while and I am just not really appealed to anything. They are also either hit or miss with cost as well, sometimes I feel like oh wow that’s a total deal and then other things I think are too expensive for the product. But, overall it’s definitely a cute site and somewhere that I visit often.


  • Abercrombie

Abercrombie is denim central for me. I have honestly tried like just about everywhere with denim and nothing fits me the way Abercrombie does. I have gotten my denim here for years and they will definitely always be my go-to. Some of my denim is from other places like flare jeans and any kind of printed jeans that I have as well, but my standard “skinny” jeans are all from here. And, sometimes if you look they do have some cute stuff as well.


Okay guys so that was just a little taste of some of my favorite stores and I hope y’all liked it! I am definitely going to be posting more from here on out so be sure to keep up & keep following!!


🙂 Hailey