Hey again! So this post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point because the point is simple…that this app is the BEST!

Okay so how many of you have seen photos of super cute outfits (on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and you’ve tried to search for what the model is wearing and can never figure it out? Because that has happened to me so many times. is an app where you can actually shop based off of screenshots and pictures. Basically you download the app, create an account, and then anytime you see a photo with the symbol posted on the photo you can take a screenshot and it will appear in the app with a drop down list of everything the model is wearing.


∧∧ This is the symbol that will be posted on the photos so just look for this. Sometimes it is also in like light gray too.

Also, if you happen to come across an influencer for the app and want to shop from their photo, all you have to do is like the photo and they will send a shopping link straight to your inbox. I know right, it’s like the best thing ever invented but yet the worst because I have to avoid going broke lol. I have had an account for a decent amount of time now so I actually have a bunch of influencers that I follow on the app and on their Instagram accounts and it is so fun to go on and view their outfits that they post. I would highly recommend this app because there are so many fashion models that go through this app so most of the time when you see a picture of a cute outfit, they are influencers for this app which means that you’ll be able to find the outfit or piece of clothing that you like in the photo. I definitely would recommend taking some time to check this app out because it is great.

All you have to do is type LIKEtoKNOW,it into the search bar in the app store and the app photo looks like this.


I also have simple direction photos posted for you guys to take a look at as well. Hope you enjoyed this one and let me know what you think of the app!




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