Fall Trends 2018

Hey everyone! So, life got a little ahead of me last week unfortunately and I didn’t get a chance to post (I’m sorry!). Instead, I am going to do all of those posts that I was supposed to do last week this week instead, starting off with Fall Trends 2018. I wanted to give you guys some info on what seems to be trending for the fall because it is always so exciting to see new trends come out each season. Fall 2018 seems to me very pattern oriented and a splash of flashy and I think I’m loving most of them. Check it out!  

1. Tan and Burnt / Rust Orange

Both Tan and Burnt Orange seem to be trending everywhere this season. I personally love both of these colors so this one is a thumbs up for me. Since this is trending, you can basically find things in these colors anywhere, but my favorite is this caramely tan top from Red Dress Boutique. Also, this adorable pair of dark burnt orange booties also from Red Dress Boutique.



Time Won’t Stop Rust Ankle Booties


2. Leopard Print

Leopard Print is totally in right now. You can just about find anything you are looking for in Leopard this fall. Shirts, pants, belts, hats, etc. It seems thought that leopard print mules and shoes are very much a thing though. I have always secretly liked leopard print even back when it was a total no-go, so I am actually kind of happy about this one lol. Banana Repulic has a cute, tasteful, skinny belt that is cute and also Red Dress Boutique has a pair of Leopard Print Peep Toe Slide Heels.




3. Tortoise Shell Patterned Jewelry

So, this is one that I didn’t think I would care for at first bur eventually it grew on me. This one is pretty simple and a majority of the trend is earrings. I actually got my pair on Amazon for about $14 and love them.


4. Hair Scarves

Hair Scarves are another trend that I LOVE. I think they are so cute and can add such a pop factor to even the most casual outfit. I actually am obsessed I think I have like 4 now lol. But, when I was in California they had a Free People store there and they had a huge selection of them. They are pretty much all over but I like Free People’s best and they have so many that I just attached their general hair accessories page. Also, Lulu’s has some cute ones.




5. Color Blocking

I also really enjoy Color Blocking as well. Color Blocking is basically multiple solid, bold colors mixed into the article of clothing. It is really popular to use with sweaters and cardigans. Instead of stripes, I think it is unqiue- it adds some more dimension and pops. Lots of places have them but these are two of my favorites.





6. Plaid

Okay, sooo plaid. I am impartial to plaid. Personally, I really don’t care for it and I don’t think it flatters me very much. Well, let me specify, not flannel plaid, plaid like Clueless plaid. Although, there are lots of people that love it. It goes either way. Since I don’t really care for it, I don’t usually pay attention to it but I do know that every time I go into a store I’ve seen it, so for those of you that like plaid you can find it just about anywhere.

7. Flare Jeans / Bell Bottoms

I remember the days when Bell Bottoms were such a taboo thing like if you wore anything wider than a skinny jean, it was over lol. But now, Bell Bottoms are coming back and I really like it because its such a different look than wearing skinny jeans all of the time. I have such a hard time finding them honestly because I am 5’0 and I always have to get them hemmed so mine are from American Eagle since I could get them in a “short” cut. But, for anyone normal sized you can find them everywhere. I personally like the ones on Red Dress Boutique’s website, they have lots of cute options.



Okay, so that is all for this post. Next, I will probably be posting on Friday but it is going to be about one of my absolute FAV apps called LIKEtoKNOW.it. This app is awesome, I promise you will want to read this one so don’t miss it!


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