Fall Essentials

Hey Everyone!

Since it is quite a gloomy Saturday morning, I figured I would put up my second post for the week. Everyone needs those few things that are essential to your closet, and even your life. So, today I am posting about Fall Season Essentials. Next week, I am going to be doing a Fall 2018 Trends post, which will kind of tie into this post so be sure to be on the lookout for that one 🙂

Okay so there are those things, (especially during the fall) that you just need in your life. First, we have the perfect sweater. Some people like full sweaters (I am one of them) and others prefer cardigans, but both are kinda essential to have during the fall. Especially if you have a cute tank or short sleeve but it is too cold out, you have to have that perfect cardigan that can go with any outfit.

Personally, I am a fan of longer cardigans because I just think opposed to a regular length cardigan it gives your outfit some dimension and spices it up a bit. Lulus (which you will see this company on here a lot, I love them) has a really, simple long cardigan that is so cozy (I actually just ordered it in grey) and they are solid colors to go with anything.



If you want another cute suggestion, I actually just preordered this one from VICI Collection (who is another one of my absolute favorite stores) and it should be here this week but I thought it was so cute and perfect for fall because of the coloring.

PREORDER – Caffe Mocha Colorblock Cardigan


Second, you have to have a cute jacket. As for me, I love suede in the fall so a cute suede jacket is my go-to. But, whether it is denim, leather, suede, whatever you like best, a jacket is a must. My favorite one (actually 2) that I have currently are from Abercrombie and Fitch, they aren’t on the site because I got it last year so it is sold out, but here is their website for their jacket options this fall. I have to say, they have yet to disappoint me as far as cuteness and quality. Plus, they have outerwear sales all of the time.


Lulus does have a cute selection as well so here is their link.


Okay next on the list is a bralette. Personally, bralettes are one of the cutest ways to spice up an outfit and (much more comfortable than a regular bra). To me, the BEST would have to be the Free People One Adella Brallete. I think it is by far the cutest one I have found and most comfortable. It also looks really nice underneath clothes because sometimes bralettes that are too thick show through and it just doesn’t look right but this one doesn’t do that. I know it is a little more on the expensive side but trust me when I say it is worth it. I just got the mocha for fall and it is adorable.



Next, is a cute pair of slide on mules, flats, or loafers. You will see this again in my Fall Trends 2018 post next week, but loafers are really in style right now. So, here is one of the cutest and cheapest options.



Lastly in the clothes category is a skirt. You’ve already seen this one before so I’ll keep it short but I can’t turn away from this skirt. It is the Free People Modern Femme Denim Mini. If you look through their site, they also have it in leather, suede, cord, and patterns.


Okay so as far as other fall necessities, a cute lip color is definitely necessary. I live by these lipsticks and have them in like 8 different colors, but my favorite fall colors are Front Row and Vibin.


Next, accessories. My favorite fall accessory is a really good, cute felt hat.



And finally, it wouldn’t be fall without a warm drink, but with that you need a mug right?






Oh, and as far as my favorite fall drink, Starbucks PSL hands down, but sometimes that can be too overpowering for me because it literally tastes like a dessert, so if you get a regular latte with half caramel and half pumpkin it is just as good, half the calories, and not as heavy as a regular PSL.

Well that is all for todays post, be sure to comment or like if you enjoyed reading it. Next week I will be posting three times, the first post under the Fashion tab and it will be Fall Trends 2018, the second will be under the Lifestyle tab about the app LiketoKnow.it, and the third will be under the beauty tab about Fall Makeup Looks. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend 🙂